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Transition Words For Body Paragraph - How To Maintain A Ratio

Transition words are the best option if you want to enhance writing engagements. Transition words aim towards the building of fluency within your content. No matter what type of content you write, transition words make their way into the draft. Abrupt shifting in ideas or paragraphs often needs revisions. It creates logical gaps as well. Hence, these words hold great importance for helping ensure meaningful transactions between ideas. Further, there are two most common types of transition words. The first one is transition words for body paragraphs. But the other one is between paragraph transition words. Both types are equally important. This article, in particular, discusses the first one. Most of us are aware of the importance of transition words. In some cases, students don’t know how to maintain a perfect ratio of these words in the body of a paragraph in assignment writing . In light of its significance, their overuse in academic writing is not advisable either. So let’s discuss